Caregen Unleash the Science of Beautiful Skin!

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Caregen Unleash the Science of Beautiful Skin!

Your skincare routine just got better with Caregen, a leader in the beauty and biology of skin!

The History of Biomimetic Peptides and Growth Factors

Since its inception in 2001 Caregen has discovered and registered 21 Growth Factors which are designed to regulate cellular growth, promote skin tissue repair and encourage the formation of collagen. During this time the dynamic company also discovered, developed and patented 142 Biomimetic Peptides, essential in the reduction and prevention of fine lines, wrinkles, cellular survival and growth.

As an international skin biology pioneer Caregen also holds a number of certifications and patents for materials and development procedures. One of the most innovative procedures developed by the company is the unique Double-Layered Capsulation Technology, a revolutionary skin delivery system which efficiently and quickly delivers the therapeutic cosmetic components in each Caregen product deep into the skin for enhanced results.

With a commitment to offering the best anti-aging skin care products on the market, Caregen is also deeply invested in the ongoing research of the power of skin stem cells. Currently Caregen has focused on skin stem cell differentiation in regard to anti-aging and cell regeneration. Using highly adaptable skin cells (keratinocytes) Caregen’s anti-aging products are able to strengthen and develop tight bonds between the nerves of the skin for a smoother, fuller appearance.