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Feelsoft micro filler needle

Feelsoft micro filler needle

Kit with a same caliber nanoneedle.
Each box contains 24 Nanocannulas.
Marked CE MED 0476.



The most advanced technique available for beauty.

We take a step beyond, creating the NANOCONCEPT and it’s new cannula generation, the FEELSOFT MICRO FILLER NEEDLES.

Surface reduction helps to have less resistance when injecting, what translates in to a less traumatic sensation without leaving any noticeable marks. All this translates into a better patient and doctor experience.

More precision, higher flexibility and better control of the product, especially those with higher viscosity, is achieved with the nanotechnology.

The FEELSOFT MICRO FILLER NEEDLES comes with a special marking that acts like a reference of the cannula inside the skin and a kit with a needle of the same calibre.

22G/ length 70 mm
25G / length 50mm
27G /lengt 50mm
30G / length 25mm


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