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Prostrolane Blanc B

Prostrolane Blanc B

Let a natural beauty be with Prostrolane Blanc B

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2ml gel in prefilled syringe

Recommended Dosage And Sessions :
1 session every 2 weeks

Total Session :
2 sessions

– More radiant look
– Skin Rejuvenation
– Skin brightening

Inhibition Of Melanosome Transfer
Cell: HaCaT Keratinocyte
Culture time: 1day
Method: Melanosome transfer measurement by Phagocytosis assay (biopaticle, melanosome)
Concentration: Conjugated peptide 100ng, 1ug/ml
Positive control: Arbutin: 100ug/ml

Inhibition Of Melanin Synthesis
Tissue: Melanoderm 3D artificial skin
Culture condition: 100mJ/cm2 UV-B irradiation (3times/week)
Concentration: 200ug/ml encapsulated peptide, 200ug/ml Arbutin
Method: Fontana-Masson staining (melanin staining)


Prostrolane Blanc B injectable gel is indicated for mid-deep dermal implantation for for whitening and toning, to bring the brightness to the face & neck.
Prostrolane Blanc B aims for anti-pigmentation treatment.


Specialized treatment enhanced by sustained release technology and Novel peptide Technology for face contouring and the skin brightening.

Injection Interval:
1 session every 2 weeks (Total 2 sessions)
If necessary, retouch after 2 months.

Injection Area:
Whole face, Pigmented site like dark spot or melisma.

Injection Volume:
0.05ml ~ 0.2ml per target points

Treatment Method

Restoring from photo-aging and wrinkled skins

– Inhibition of Melanosome Transfer
– Melanosome Degradation-Lysosome activity (DQ-BSA)
– Inhibition of Melanin Synthesis
– Inhibition of Tyrosinase Activity

UV-exposed keratinocytes secrete melanogenic factors such as α-MSH.
α-MSH induces melanogenesis through up-regulation of MITF, Tyrosinase, TRP-1 and TRP-2.
Matured melanosomes transfer to keratinocyte and locate to perinuclear site.
CG-peptide inhibits melanogenesis in melanocytes and inhibits melanosome transfer to keratinocytes.
CG-peptide induces autophagolysosome formation and promotes melanosome degradation in keratinocytes.

Before & Аfter Pictures

Platform Technology

Growth Factors
– Competitive price based on mass production technology
– High efficacy and stability by double-layered capsulation technology
– High punity by sophisticated production facility and technical superiority

Biomimetic Peptides
– Sustainable new biomimetic peptides development
– Competitive price based on mass production technology
– High punity by sophisticated production skill based on technical superiority

Skin Delivery System
– High stability by double-layered structure
– High homogeneity : average diameter of particle is 140nm and over 80%
particles are below 100nm in size
– Effcient delivery of therapeutic cosmetic components into dermal layer

Skin Stem Cell Research
Skin Stem cell is a type of blast cell, Which can differentiate to various adult cells
including skin cell and hair cell. Caregen has focused on skin stem cell
differentiation to skin keratinocytes for Anti-aging.


– 21Growth Factors Registered in PCPC.

– 188 Biomimetic Peptides registered in PCPC.

– Multiple patents 123 patented materials in Korea, USA, Japan, China and Europe etc.

Certification & Accreditation

– Multiple patents over 100 patented materials in Korea, USA, Japan, China and Europe etc.

– CE Certificate, ISO 9001, 14001