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Vital Injector 2

Vital Injector2 is the innovative upgraded product of the original Vital Injector, an Aqua Lifting Automatic Injector. It has adopted the newest technique to use 5 needles simultaneously which maximizes the effect and shortens the time of the treatment. It has also adopted the disposable filter system which offers safe treatments in a hygienic environment.

Vital Injector 2 with the 5-multi needle system provides safe and accurate treatments by setting Type of syringe, Drug dosage, Depth of needle penetration and Speed of injection.

– Ergonomic & Innovative design for increased working comfort and hand support.
– Accurate & Precise Injection
– Audible, Visual & Tactile Feedback
– Delivers small dosages
– Even distribution of volume over large skin areas for predictable treatment results
– Easy treatment of versatile areas such as the face, neck, decolletage and hands.
– Accommodates High Viscosity

Needle Information:
31 G, 5Pin, 9Pin Multi Needle Type

Needle Information:
31 G, 5Pin, 9Pin Multi Needle Type

Needle Penetration Control:
0.0 ~ 5.0 mm (Interval 0.2mm)

Syringe Type:
1cc, 2cc, 3cc, 5cc

Operation Mode:
Intermittent, Continuous

Voltage & Frequency:
AC 110 ~ 240V, 50~60 Hz

Dimension (W x D x H mm): 
Injector : 293 x 49 x 168
Body : 333 x 298 x 130

Injector LCD: 1.7 Inch
Body LCD : 5.0 Inch, Touch Screen

4.7 Kg (Body + Injector)

The refined syringe control system improves the problem of drug residue in the syringes. Noise is reduced by installing the new suction motor
Category: VI2

The biggest difference is the upgraded contamination protection function. Vital Injector 2 has the removable filter on the right side of the main body which protects the inside of the injector from contamination by impurities sucked in during treatment. By putting the cover over the lower part of the needles it protects the mounting part of the needles and makes its maintenance easier. Finally it becomes more convenient to use with the newly enlarged LCD panel.

Category: VI2

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